You Fucking Monkeys (EP)

by Andropoly

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Written and recorded by us in our garage. No guitars were used in the recording of this album.

Kevin Parker- Bass/Vocal (and occasional piano)
Bobby Parker- Drums/Vocal (and occasional mandolin)


released 08 November 2012



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Andropoly Los Angeles, California

Kevin and Bobby Parker started off in the Kosher-friendly Black Sabbath cover duo "Black Shabbas." After getting their fill of brises, Bar Mitvahs and sweet sweet Bat Mitzvahs, they decided to go their own way and write songs where the vocal melody wasn't an exact rip of Tony's riff most of the time. So they took beer break, formed Andropoly, and their dicks have never felt bigger. ... more

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Track Name: Sheep Dog
break my bones in
come inside
gimmie a light
tear my mind
take my face in
tear it back
put on a light
gimme tha lack

little gurl come
listen to me
take my soul
set me free
take my hide
tear it down
put out the light
leemee around

i don't know anymore
Track Name: FreekyDeeky
Track Name: Into Stone
lock the door, leave your key
clawing down things i see
all my mates are gone, and me

light the sky, shake the ground
i'll break the earth for the love i found
now i'm lost, i'm down

and i turn into stone
when you leave me alone
when i rest my bones
lizard tongue in a deep unknown
dig my grave
my home
and i turn into stone

left again, summer, fall
locked away, i see it all
i watched you grow strong, tall

they tie you down in a dying sea
dig you up and set you free
but they won't let you breathe

look me up, stare me down
i wear my chains like a royal crown
the king is dead, but he still hangs around
Track Name: My Gain
riding on a fire
with a bullet in my brain
a head is full of flies
a collar on my name
bleeding on my face
got nowhere to go
feel like dressing up
got nowhere to go

she looks just like a leaf
fell down in the snow
heaven's little angel
with an achromatic glow
skin turn in poison
got nowhere to go
feel like dressing up
got nowhere to go

burned out
down again
you're not my love
and you're not my friend
dry my eyes
hide my shame and say
it's your loss
and my gain

frying on a fire
driving on my lane
and a rolling little feeling
driving me insane
drinking on my blood
diving a plateau
feel like dressing up
got nowhere to go
Track Name: Hey Marshall
hay-mar-shul, git-uhl-lang-nir
hay-mar-shul, (git-uhl-lang-nir)
git-uhl-lang-nir, git-uhl-lang-nir-saks

hear the voice of a new generation
feel the wrath of an alien nation
git-uhl-lang-nir, git-uhl-lang-nir-saks
Track Name: Ol' Kerosene
old me
oh carry me
old me
old kerosene

old me
old feeble me
old me
enfeebled me

old me
oh jay-ree-mee
old me
oh mee-mee-mee
take you in my home
walk outside
in my room

old me
Track Name: Browneye
you hear me coming
knocking on your door
let me in
lie down on the floor
slip in your honey
don't care no more
bend back into shape
say a little prayer for the poor

wear your chain
when muddy come around
don't make a sound
take my hand
make you understand
show you, girl
who's a brown eyed man

slip into days
slip down my way
slip back to me
sail on down
my honey bee

slip back into me
i got a tomb for a brain
when you feel like i do
i can't complain
tie you up in handcuffs
throw away your key
everything you do
you're doing it for me

slip into days
slip down my way
come on back to me
lock you up
throw away your key